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Thursday, January 17, 2019


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W. Allen Clifford
President and CEO

Allen is a business consultant and investor who has previously worked with medical and legal transcription companies in an advisory capacity. Upon realizing that such companies could be run in a more innovative and cost-effective manner, he founded RPI to service the needs of the medical and legal professions.

  Gary P. Posner, M.D.
Vice President/Medical Director

Gary practiced internal medicine for 15 years before branching out into medical software in 1995. He has also had professional experience as a writer, editor, and newsletter publisher, and oversees RPI's transcriptionists and proofreaders.

Laura A. Heiderman
Chief Operating Officer

In addition to overseeing all operations of the company and interacting daily with the respective departments, Ms. Kaufman plays a vital role in cultivating relationships with new and potential clients and customizing solutions based upon budgetary analysis and client goals. She is also responsible for organizing and directing the logistics of all corporate promotional events.

  Robert G. Isbell, M.D.
Vice President/Marketing

Robert practiced diagnostic radiology in Tampa for more than 30 years and is a past president of the Hillsborough County Medical Association. He serves as RPI's medical marketing consultant and liaison to the physician community.

Richard Flick
Director of Information Technology

With over 16 years of hardware and software experience, Richard is responsible for monitoring the general health of all technology, as well as planning strategy for acquisition and application of leading-edge technologies to increase RPI’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. As a consultant, he has advised companies on various solutions for improving the efficiency of workflows as they are impacted by the fluid changes in technology.

  Ralph DePetrillo
Senior Systems Analyst

Ralph joined Resource Providers in 2009, having been tasked with the design and implementation of new technology into RPI's diversified product line. Ralph has nearly 30 years of Information Technology experience, including previous key technology positions with companies serving the healthcare and business-management sectors.

Individual Physicians

Secure, scalable solutions that offer reliable, accurate and cost-effective medical transcription solutions for individual physicians.   >> Read More

Group Practices & Clinics

Reliable, accurate and cost-effective medical transcription services for group practices and clinics throughout the United States.
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When STAT turnaround requirement times for documents are of the utmost importance, RPI’s transcription solutions deliver.
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In The News

The federal government will be offering billions of dollars of "Stimulus" money to help physicians subsidize the implementation of expensive and overly complex EMR systems. Our inexpensive "KISS" EMR can help you avoid the headaches and red tape.    >> Read More


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